Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

Yesterday we drove from Matane to Perce, about 200 miles. The scenery gets better every mile until we rounded a sharp curve and dropped into Perce when all I could say was OMG because it was so beautiful!  The weather was great yesterday for the most anticipated drive of the trip.  It started raining last night and it’s cold and gloomy today but we are going to stay in Perce for a few days and hopefully the sun will shine.  We want to take a boat ride to Bonaventure Island to see the birds and maybe some whales.  We are at an RV park that juts out into the ocean so we have ocean and views on three sides and we also overlook the town, the island,  and the famous rock offshore that gets compared to the Rock of Gibraltar.  This RV park is very large but at the moment we are the only customers.  In fact, we’ve practically had the whole peninsula to ourselves as tourist season doesn’t really begin until after June 15th.  When we arrived last evening there was a rental RV here with a German brother and sister couple (our age).  They invited us for a glass of wine in their RV last night and I won’t say how many bottles we ended up drinking.  Molly was invited too, and they had special cooked her some unseasoned hamburger meat as a treat.  She was in Martin’s lap most of the time. People who love dogs that much are A-Okay!  We’ve received a very sincere invitation to visit them in Germany for a few days if we go to Europe next year.  They left this morning as they are only in Canada for three weeks and have much to see.


There are many, many beautiful RV parks all along the peninsula with such nice settings.




Many homeowners have gotten creative with their houses.

IMG_3654                                         Perce, Quebec