Bad News/Good News


Shortly after our arrival at the campground in Topeka yesterday afternoon we found out Steve’s dad had passed away just four hours earlier. He was 90 and had several major health problems but there was no indication that he couldn’t live a few more days, weeks, or even months. We had originally planned to leave Monday but because we had to flush the motorhome’s tanks and lines we left a day late. It’s a shame that Steve did not get to see his father before he was gone. Today, he is helping his mom and one of his brothers make arrangements. Steve’s dad was a very good father and the family was devoted to him.


The good news is we have one of the nicest camp spots we have ever had at Lake Shawnee County Park in Topeka. We have been here before and liked it but this time we have one of those perfect spots looking out our front and side windows onto the lake. People who drive cross country know Kansas to be one long, very boring drive that seems never ending. There isn’t much to look at from the highway and thus people assume there is nothing to see in Kansas. Check out this park. It is a gem! The campground is reasonably priced, very quiet, and sits at the edge of the lake and is about 4 miles from interstate highway 70. The park also has a beautiful botanical garden and I hear the tulips are in bloom. Can’t wait to see them later.


The other bad news is that all of Steve’s family cannot travel here now for a funeral and so there will be a memorial service the middle of May. We had an itinerary all mapped out to go to Branson, Missouri, southern Kentucky, up to northern Kentucky, and then to Texas to visit friends mid-May before they leave for Europe on the 22nd. One month later we have reservations in the northwest part of the country. Hopefully we figure out a sensible change of plans but I sure have no clue right now how to proceed.

And why are we going to northern Kentucky? Well some more bad news is that our mattress evidently came from hell. It is one of those Sleep Number beds that is supposedly an upgrade but I would almost rather sleep on the floor. Original Mattress Company, with factory locations only in the eastern half of the US, can custom size mattresses for motorhomes with just three days notice. We went to St. Paul in 2010 to have an orthopedic plush mattress made for Tulip and it was the best mattress ever. Flippable too which is a rarity these days.

Seems like the bad news is winning over the good news. Let me think a while.

Oh yeah, the weather is perfect today. Full sun and high of about 76 and nice and cool at night.