Home and House Free

We are parked in my mother’s driveway in Colorado Springs after getting moved out from our house.  What a relief to have that over with and that everything fit in the storage unit we rented.  Plans have changed a bit.  We originally were going to meet up with the other caravan members in Arizona on January 6th.  We are still leaving here this Thursday headed for Oregon to have the solar panels put on our motor home and to have servicing and suspension upgrades done.  Instead of taking our time in California we will be moving at a fast pace headed for Brownsville, Texas to meet Jack and Chris on Dec 3rd.  Their 6 months visa for the US expires and so they have to leave the country before our caravan starts.  The four of us are going to a campground near Mexico city from where we will take a tour into the city and spend a few days in a hotel.  December 21st will find us at Lake Chapala where we’ll stay put until meeting the rest of the caravan on the coast near Manzanillo.