Gorging on the Gorge

Last night when we entered the Columbia Gorge it was raining and dark and windy.  We pulled off at the first campground we came to and it was so dark we barely found our camping spot. This morning when we woke up and opened the curtains this first picture is what we saw.  I took this picture from the step of our motor home; that’s how close we were to the water.  We were at the mouth of the John Day River which empties into the Columbia River at a little Corps of Engineers campground called LePage.  This morning we turned onto a state park loop road along the Columbia River that goes past many waterfalls in just less than 10 miles.  Supposedly there are more tall waterfalls concentrated here than anyplace in the US.   Tonight and tomorrow we will camp in the parking lot of Upscale Automotive in Portland while they work on our motor home.  

IMG_0624 IMG_0631 IMG_0646


  1. This is positivily the most exciting thing you all could be doing.I was getting goose bumps just reading about you packing up and closing out your affairs. I really want to follow your travels with you! Take LOTS of pictures! Keep us posted!! “Happy Trails to you!”


  2. How come some of the posts have a link for comments and some don't? I'm not a professional blogger yet, so there may be something I'm missing. Anyway, it was great to see you the other night. Thanks for dinner. My roommates love your cake! Brilliant! (and you were worried about cooking in the microwave)

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