The Downside

A friend wrote that I sounded like a PR person for Mexico in my blog posts.  Okay, so now I’ll write about some negatives that I have seen.  We know what’s in the news but I haven’t experienced any of that.  Here’s what bothers me the most:  1) I see that for the most part dogs aren’t cared for.  They run loose, are starving, the long haired dogs are all unbelievably matted, and most female dogs look like they have just had pups.  On the other hand, the Mexicans seem to take very good care of their children as far as grooming, dressing, and being kind to them.  So I don’t understand how they can ignore the dogs, which by the way, seem to be afraid of people. You see dogs licking at dirt looking for either water or food.  Dead dogs along side the roads are the norm.  2) Driving is very stressful.  You never know what to expect in the way of potholes, speed bumps, someone passing on a blind curve, passing on the shoulder, pulling out in front of you and so on. Poorly signed roads. And maps don’t agree with reality.  3) Trash and litter dumped any and everywhere.  4) Children begging.  Why do their parents teach them to do this? The parents should do the begging if they need to.  5) It’s noisy most of the time.  At least in eastern Mexico the music we heard was tasteful. In this area you hear the loud boom box type gangsta stuff going full blast. I just realized it’s noon and the roosters are quiet.  I wonder if someone snuffed them out.  6)  Some towns we passed through were totally smogged in because of trash burning.  And it smells like they burn rubber and  chemicals too. Basically anything they want to burn is polluting the air.


To sum it up, if I were a poor Mexican, I would illegally immigrate to the US too.



Lake Chapala-largest lake in Mexico

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