San Patricio de Melaque

is a small town about 120 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.  We are in the middle of a small bay with the town of Barra Navidad being down at the south end.  For the most part this area is very quaint looking and I haven’t seen any big resort style hotels.  This is the first place we have been with lots of seafood restaurants to take advantage of.  It’s also the first place where many of the local people speak some English and they look so happy with the biggest, nicest smiles. Most of the vacationers here stay in bungalow type hotels or rent houses.  We are about 10 blocks from downtown Melaque where we walked yesterday and had lunch and shopped. There’s very little traffic in town.  A lot of people get around on bicycles, tourists and locals alike. However, there are no paved streets, they are rocks imbedded in the sand. 
The RV park is in the Hotel Laguna del Tule complex and we have everything we need including pool, grocery store, good water pressure (for a change) and even enough amperage to run our A/C.  We only run the A/C for a short time before bed to cool the RV down.  It gets cool enough during the night that it’s 67 degrees inside the RV in the morning. We had our laundry done yesterday for a grand total of under $3.  Washed, dried, and folded.  What a luxury.   Today we had a rainstorm to cool things off.  Couldn’t sleep last night because the waves were crashing soooo loud.  The beach slopes down pretty good to the water but this morning the waves came up so high that one wave obliterated the beach slope in front of our RV and a few others. This caused the water to come in and soak the patio mats and furniture of the two next to us.
Tomorrow Dick and Ginny, who are from Colorado, are coming here from Villa Corona.  We reserved a site for them and we might travel together the next three weeks until their reservation at a timeshare in Mazatlan. Here are a few pictures and you will notice they like the colors yellow and orange in Melaque.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time, and I like your pictures. Just to let you know–there are actually 3 towns very close together: Melaque, the largest, San Patricio and also Villa Obregon.


  2. Watch out for the crocodiles! You are in a very beautiful area! If you see our friends Gord & Donna Rudichuk from Canada, say “Hi” for us. I think they are in your park.


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