Leaving Puerto Vallarta

When the second Quebec caravan arrived we had to move to a site that no other RV would fit into.  That night we had a heck of a storm and everything was drenched with our site being one big mud puddle so we decided to leave.  We had to leave two nice big rattan patio mats behind because one of the RV’ers had 7 cats that were allowed to roam at night and on top of the mats being soaked, they stunk like cat pee.  This park will be a great place to come next December – but not late January when the caravans are boss.  Several other people had to move too but mostly everyone just left like we did.
So we drove north through Puerto Vallarta in the rain but it was still a nice drive.  Very hilly, not much traffic, and a nice road.  By the way, I need to mention that driving the past two months has not been nearly as hard as the first month on the east coast.  Evidently the eastern side of Mexico is notorious for bad roads and so we had the worst first.  I like the way the trees are allowed to grow over the road.  You never see that in the US anymore:
We drove into Sayulito to their one RV park but it was full.  It is owned by a nice elderly German man and he recommended we drive to Lo De Marcos.  Sayulito looked like a nice little town and maybe we can go back another day.
Lo De Marcos is a small beach town about one hour north of Puerto Vallarta.  Before we left PV we were told that all the campgrounds here were full but we lucked out and got a nice big spot in a new 12 site park.  This is the most space we’ve had since arriving in Mexico and it was so quiet last night. The town is similiar to Melaque but more spruced up and the walk to the center of town isn’t as far.  We ate fish and shrimp at a little mom and pop 4 table restaurant yesterday and it was the best meal we have had out in a while.  So far my impression is that I like it even better than Melaque.  I couldn’t take the camera out yesterday and today because of rain but the weather has finally cleared this evening.  Stay tuned for photos.