Back In The Cold

It’s a shock to be in winter weather again after so many months of sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately, spring never comes to Colorado on time.  We arrived just a few hours ahead of a big snow storm.  Here is a picture from our drive ascending Wolf Creek Pass in southern Colorado. 


We are at my mother’s house for a few weeks to see family, do taxes, and also get reorganized for the next leg of our travels.  After living in the RV for 5 months we found out that a lot of what we brought was unnecessary.  And also there are a few items to get from storage that were missed like the small grill, the bicycles, and the toaster.  As much as possible, we would rather cook outside when it’s warm because the RV heats up quit a bit with just having a stove burner on.  And last but not least, we are reunited with our dog Molly who will travel with us now.  She wouldn’t have anything to do with us the first 3-4 days we were here…..she just sat and stared (or glared) at us but now she’s her old self again. 

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