The Bed

My new sleeping arrangement is a huge improvement – two good nights sleep in a row without sleeping pills is a rarity.  The mattress is an orthopedic luxury firm and should last a long time.  Here is a picture of the couch I had been sleeping on:
My brother Pat and hubby Steve building frame for new bed:
A huge bonus to the new fixed bed is that we can leave it made up and we also now have more floor space. 


  1. You have inspired us! We will start on ours next week. I am just so tired of buying things to try to make that miserable sofa comfortable. Plus now it won't have to be made and unmade everyday.

    What did you do about sheets, a daytime cover and back cushions? I have some ideas, but I'm always ready to hear more. Thanks.


  2. JAH, My insomnia with the couch was so bad we seriously considered selling the View. And this new mattress is so good that if I had had one like it at home, we might not have left! We were going to buy a daytime cover but decided not to since we always sit at the table anyway. We have a couple of decorative pillows to prop up on when one of us wants to lay on the bed and read. I am using a regular fitted sheet on the bottom and just pull it tight on the wall side. Then I use a comforter with a sheet type duvet cover instead of a top sheet. There were 2 ways to build the platform. Our way is the least practical but it's because we wanted to be able to store valuables underneath for when we RV in Europe. I can't say enough about the comfort and qualilty of this mattress and the cost was about $350. We too had so many extra pieces of foam to try and level the sofa and no matter what configuration we tried, it didn't do. You will absolutely will not go wrong with this decision.


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