The Domes

We are at Linda and Greg’s house near Milwaukee having a great visit.  They were so nice to take us into the city yesterday and show us some of the sights.  It was raining and cold so we went to places where we could be indoors.  We drove by Lake Michigan but couldn’t see it due to a light fog.  Downtown Milwaukee looks very appealing and it would be nice to someday spend a few days walking the city when the weather is warmer.  So we went to the Mitchell Park Conservatory where there are three domes: Tropical, Desert, and Flora Show.  These domes and their gardens are a big jaw-dropping wow!

Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee

Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee

Each dome is about 1/3 of an acre under glass and is 7 stories high.  These are the world’s only conoidal (not geodesic) glass houses; the shape allows a better angle for solar heating and more height for tall trees.  Each dome has 2200 panes of wire glass that were imported from Germany.

And lastly, since everybody who is anybody, has been clamoring for a picture of the author of this blog, here it is.  But only because Linda got into stealth mode and captured what no one else has been able to do for quite some time.


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