Ohio Highway 534

Our progress the last few days has been slow due to stormy weather and a stop at Camping World in Akron.  We took out the map in Akron trying to decide where to go next, Niagara Falls or Finger Lakes.  But then we saw that highway 534 was a scenic road to Geneva-On-The-Lake (the lake is Erie) and off we went.  Good choice, because after awhile we knew this was going to be an interesting road when we saw the way the laundry was hung. 
All of these pictures were taken from a moving Tulip through the window. My camera is a non-SLR and I complained so much about the shutter lag and the good pictures that I missed that Steve said I should buy the camera I want.  But that it should be THE right and final one (so that he doesn’t have to listen to me anymore, I think).
Many of the houses and barns were not painted and in fact were pretty weathered.
And we saw several horse driven carriages so maybe this is an Amish area.  I don’t know but it was like being way back in time.

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