Montour Falls, NY

A friend emailed me and asked what state Watkins Glen is in.  We are still in the Finger Lakes region of New York and I don’t ever want to leave and I am wondering how much property taxes are here. 🙂  I forgot to mention that the waterfalls from yesterday’s post are right in the heart of downtown Watkins Glen.  We just parked on a village street (instead of paying $8 for the waterfalls parking lot) and walked.  Even though it’s cold, this is the perfect time of year to be here because the waterfalls are still strong, there is no traffic, no tourists, yet the trees are leafed out and it’s Ireland green everywhere.  I just read that the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance says there are 1,063 waterfalls in the area, plus 135 museums, 400 registered historic sites, 20 boat tours, etc.  Many of the waterfalls are just 3 or 4 miles from each other and sometimes they are in such plain unexpected site that if you are looking out the left window, you miss it out of the right window.  So yesterday I found a neat website that gives GPS coordinates for thousands of waterfalls all over the US and some in Canada.  It is: 

Montour Falls is the next little village a couple of miles from Watkins Glen.  It’s wonderful how close together everything is.  Right smack dab downtown is She-Qua-Ga falls.IMG_2635  There are houses on either side of these falls and the backyards have this view every day of the year.  Many of the houses in the neighborhood are on the National Historic Register and so in addition to looking at the falls it was pleasant walking all around the town.

















IMG_2642 IMG_2650











Every little town has such interesting churches.  Many have very tall sharp spires.

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