Geneva, New York

Seems we like to go to towns with the name Geneva, including the one over the big pond.  We just stopped to make a sandwich for lunch at a lakeside park near the downtown.  Today is our last day in the Finger Lakes region as we have reservations tomorrow and Saturday at an RV park near Niagara Falls.  After this post I still have one more to write to show pictures of the beautiful countryside and a few more falls.  Canada is still coming up. 

Today we stopped and bought some software to learn French.  And not just for Quebec.  If everything goes okay, we will ship the RV to Zeebrugge, Belgium in the spring from Florida.  There is a repositioning cruise, also leaving from Florida, that will take us right to Zeebrugge and also allow us to while away our time getting room and board (not to mention a port call in the Azores and in Portugal) while Tulip is in transit for about the same cost as a plane ticket.