Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

We visited Canada’s largest National Historic District last weekend but I am just now getting around to posting pictures and telling about the area.  Annapolis Royal is one of the oldest European settlements in Canada having been settled by a group of French explorers in 1605. The French named the new land Port-Royal.  During the 150 year struggle for control of the continent, the area changed hands between the French and English seven times and there were 13 battles fought here. In 1710 the British captured Port-Royal for the final time and renamed it Annapolis Royal to honor Queen Anne. There are colorful banners around town celebrating the 300 year history of the town 1710-2010.  I guess the founding in 1605 doesn’t count.

In 2008, Annapolis Royal was named “The World’s Most Livable Small Community”.  The population today is 450.

IMG_3949There are acres and acres of bunker type mounds with a trail going around the circumference of the old fort area. The building above is a museum and has in it an 18 foot long tapestry completed by volunteers that depicts over 400 years of history.

IMG_3986 A beautiful 10 acre garden is located in Annapolis Royal

IMG_3968 This one room house located in the gardens is a replica of a 1671 Acadian dwelling and is one of the few in existence. It also has a small vegetable garden in back, an orchard and dyked land.  A sign lists the area’s family names from the 1671 census. 



In addition to the gardens, the whole province is in bloom. You have to see it to believe it.




While at the gardens, I finally figured out how to use the super macro feature on my camera. These are just practice pictures for the macro.

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