We didn’t leave Lunenburg yesterday as planned.  I don’t want to bore anyone with details of my leg break but my foot has been swollen from my toes to almost half way up my calf.  Every inch has been discolored black, blue, and yellow.  Couldn’t lay down, couldn’t sit up without something hurting.  Oops, too much detail already.  Anyway, yesterday morning my leg hurt too much to sit up while we drove anywhere.  Today, the swelling is way down and I can sit up for more than 30 minutes at a time and I am positive that I will be good to go tomorrow and we can make a decision about Newfoundland very soon.
Things I have learned:
  1.  Steve knows how to cook and very well. Three meals a day, all good.  He’s even made some desserts from scratch.
2.   Don’t spray compressed air down your cast for an itch unless the can is totally upright.  Otherwise, it dribbles a cold-as-dry ice liquid down the cast. And if the can is upright, the air doesn’t go down far enough anyway. 
3.  Don’t spray compressed air in an RV because it sets off the propane leak detector alarm.
4.  Don’t put lotion on your good foot, because depending on the kind of lotion, it makes for very slippery hopping and you might break that leg too.