Quebec City Overnight – Clarification

If you were reading my blog when we were in Quebec City, I made a post on May 27th about the confusion on the parking lot fee for the RV.  Here is what I wrote:
“But right at this moment, Steve just showed me the parking ticket receipt that you put into the window while parked in this lot.  When Steve paid he said he punched the button for $45 for 24 hours.  The receipt says we were good for 5 days, until 30 May at 7:30 pm.”
I have been anxiously waiting for Tessa’s visit to QC to find out the real deal on this lot.  She and her children arrived there yesterday and this is what she wrote in an email to me:
“It (the lot) is so PERFECT and close in.  You did get a special deal though because they said that the machine had been broken (when you were here) and was charging motor homes the car rate, so that’s why you were getting 5 days.  I think they misunderstood my English though.  Regardless, it is definitely $45 for one 24-hour period.  But the location cannot be beat.  And when we arrived at 1pm this Friday afternoon, there were about 100 rigs already here!  Now the place is almost full.  Wow!”
Once again, here is the link to Tessa’s fantastic blogs.    If you plan to RV to Alaska, to the National Parks, to Washington DC, to Mexico, to Central America, to Europe, and now to NE Canada, and don’t want to do any homework or trip planning then Tessa has already laid it all out for you. She’s a phenomenal researcher and loves to share information and help others.  All I have to do is think about a question and she’s busy researching; then 5 minutes later the answer is in my inbox.