French Ancestors Route

Well, we finally got going again and decided to drive the French Ancestors Route on the Port au Port Peninsula west of Stephenville.  This is the only French area in the province and children still go to French school to preserve their dialect which is distinct from Quebec or France.  We didn’t drive the entire peninsula as planned because it was so foggy and only rarely could we see the ocean that we were driving along. The map shows town after town on the peninsula but actually each town is just a few houses.  We did go through Berry Head and turned around in Jerry’s Nose.  A big must Photo-Op-Stop was Alpacas of Newfoundland.  They are sooooo cute!



Also on this route was Our Lady of Mercy Historic Church.  Services have not been held here since 2004 but the building itself is a Registered Structure by Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland.  This building is the last existing example of Newfoundland and Labrador culture and master workmanship.  It is also the largest wooden structure in Newfoundland.



                           The curved wood ceilings are beautiful


                                         All the walls are woodIMG_4420