Photographer’s Paradise

is the name of an overlook in Gros Morne National Park.  And what a perfect day for pictures.  It started out cloudy but as the day progressed, it got sunnier and into the 70’s.  We decided to make the most of the day.  First, Steve inquired about the boat tour to Western Brook Pond (which is really a fiord). That is the one where we would have to walk 3 km’s to the boat.  An all terrain wheelchair could be rented but it was already out.  So we went to Norris Point IMG_4484 and took the Bonne Bay boat tour.  I will post those pictures later as I took at least 100 and have to sort through them.  The picture on the left was taken on the way to Norris Point.





The rest of the pictures were taken from Photographer’s Paradise overlook





Leg Update:  For the four days while at Stephenville, I never left the RV and kept my leg up most of the time.  Actually my leg break feels okay, it’s been my ankle/foot that’s the problem.  The day we drove the French Ancestors Route I walked into the church and a few feet to see the Alpacas and later to eat.  So yesterday my foot swelled up huge again and hurt.  Today at Norris Point we stopped in at a doctor’s office and managed to get in to see him with a very short wait ($40). This doctor took one look at my foot and said he could help me.  He asked how long we would be in Newfoundland because it usually takes a few weeks to see an orthopedist and would I be willing to see one in Corner Brook IF he could get me in.  In the meantime, he sent me over to the hospital for X-rays and I will see the doctor again tomorrow afternoon.  He’s the first doctor that actually had me try to move my foot in different directions under resistance to his hand.  He was surprised that I didn’t have follow up X-rays at 10 days or so.  He did say he broke the same bone 6 months ago in the same place and it takes A LONG time to get totally healed and he still has problems.  Yesterday was the 4 week mark.  And I am back to being told to stay off the leg.

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