Hawkes Bay, NL

This little town is about half way to the tip of the northern peninsula.  We only stopped here because it was 8 pm and we had not eaten yet.  The beautiful scenery changed every few miles as did the clouds. 


IMG_4662                       We had this view from a roadside park

IMG_4666                        And this view from the dinette side

IMG_4668                            We got all set up to spend the night here

IMG_4669 and then this semi came and the driver unhooked and left the refrigerated trailer running.  So we left too and saw the driver parked 1/4 mile down the road, probably sleeping for the night so he wouldn’t have to listen to his trailer.

IMG_4673                                A little settlement along the way


IMG_4653             This cloud was so thick but there was bright blue sky above it

IMG_4682                                       Arches Provincial Park

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