Bonavista is the most easterly town in North America and has a population of about 8000.  In this area of Newfoundland the houses become much colorful than the western side.  Two different people told us that Americans purchased houses here when the dollar was strong for about $10,000 to use as summer homes or to retire to later.  We saw quite a few houses being renovated.  The air is so clean here that colors and even white are very sharp.  We found a quiet place in town close to the ocean to spend the night.  I kept waking up and looking out the window it was so pretty.  At 4:30 am there was a big orange sun just at the edge of the ocean.  I woke up Steve and he couldn’t believe this amazing sight.  Then it started disappearing below the water(confusing) and Steve said it was because of clouds.   We went back to sleep and when we woke up the sun was rising on the other side of the RV.  The big orange ball was the moon. 

IMG_4989I think laundry hanging on the line is pretty and it’s so practical.  Saves energy and definitely saves your clothes.  All that lint in the dryer trap is from the clothes breaking down and results in the material getting getting thinner and faded.  Community and homeowners association ordnances against hanging out the wash are ridiculous and they shouldn’t get away with it.  And what is so bad about stringing a little clothes line in an RV park?  I’ve seen it in Canada and Mexico and I know it’s very common in the European parks.