Trinity, Newfoundland

It was about 25 miles further south to Trinity after leaving Elliston and the puffins.  Lonely Planet says “you can’t get lost in Trinity but most people try”. This town of just 200 established in 1580, is surrounded by water on 3 sides and every single house in town is worthy of a photograph.  There are a number of historical buildings, a beautiful church with cemetery where the old headstones lean all cockeyed, not to mention colorful houses and pretty gardens.  Parts of the movie “Shipping News” was filmed here.
The only way to drive into Trinity is to take a left and drive a short way to a parking lot.  Any other direction means trouble.  The streets are more like lanes and at one intersection I leaned way over towards Steve because it felt like my side of the RV would topple over due to the extreme slant.  Just as we left town a huge 5th wheel was coming in and I’m glad we didn’t see how he was even going to make the left maneuver to the parking lot. 
IMG_5174               Just another little town across the bay. There are so many tiny towns all along the coast.