Blow Me Down Provincial Park

Steve finally got his wish and we stayed at the Blow Me Down Provincial Park west of Corner Brook towards the end of the Humber Arm.  This park is small with 28 no hookup sites on two loops in the forest, but when we checked in the ranger volunteered that we could camp at the beach parking lot.  This is just another example of why Newfoundland is such an easy going place to visit.  Rules and signs that say “No” are practically nonexistent.  I believe the only “No” signs I have seen pertain to hunting.  When we were in one of the Midwest states, in just an hour,  I took at least 20 pictures of signs that said “No”.

Dry camping in this park is $15 a night if you have a provincial parks pass which cost $20 for a year.  Otherwise there is a $5 entry fee for each day.  This is one the prettiest spots we’ve ever camped in and once the day use people leave it is one of those few places where you have complete silence.  The beautiful blue water and the way the hills come straight up out of the water remind me of pictures I’ve seen of Polynesia.  Looking out over the water we can only see mountains in every direction.  Steve hiked up to an overlook to take some of these pictures.  There is no internet reception here so I will post this later today.

IMG_5401  There are 4 other RV’s camped here.  We are in front of the 5th wheel.


IMG_5393                                                         Lark Harbor