Rose Blanche

Rose Blanche is a little fishing community at the end of highway 470 about 25 miles east of Port aux Basque.  Towns further on east can only be reached by ferry.  The topography along this route is what I had always pictured Newfoundland to look like.  In actuality we have found that throughout Newfoundland the landscape changes constantly and dramatically.  Not kidding:  I have looked down to preview pictures on the camera and looked up and the scenery changed so much I wondered if I fell asleep for a while and didn’t know it.

The granite Rose Blanche Lighthouse was built in 1871 and was the first lighthouse in Newfoundland to be designated a Registered Heritage Structure.  Steve walked up to it in very windy conditions and took a few pictures. 

We attempted to go to the Friendly Fisherman Cafe in Rose Blanche but couldn’t park the RV.  This little town in a secluded cove has maybe 4 streets (really lanes) that are not much wider than a car and have buildings right up to the street.  It’s a really picturesque town and I liked it as well as any village we had been in.  People drive all the way to the cafe from Port aux Basque so it’s a shame we couldn’t eat there.