I Love A Man With Dishpan Hands

  I was just looking at this picture last night of Steve at the sink in our RV and thought I needed to put it on this blog with the words that Steve hears me say a lot “Men Look So Handsome At The Kitchen Sink”. Then moments ago I received an email from friend Tessa who wrote the words in the title of this post pertaining to her husband.  What an amusing coincidence.
We packed up several boxes of things from the RV and put them in storage along with the Stowaway carrier and should be several hundred pounds lighter now.  The weather is supposedly turning very cold Thursday here in Colorado and we don’t have the RV winterized so we’ll be going south Wednesday.  Kind of sad to be saying goodbye to my daughter, my mom, Molly Dog, and everyone else and to know it might be two years before we see them again.  I’ve never gone more than five months without seeing my daughter. 



  1. Wow, that will be long time away. One suggestion (if you're not doing it already) is to each get web cams for your laptops and download Skype so that you can do video chats once in a while. The cameras are pretty inexpensive (@ $50) and Skype itself is free for pc-to-pc communications. On my last long trip, I would video chat with family every couple of weeks and it made such a difference in not feeling so far away from each other.

    We're supposed to be getting a brief 2-day heat wave here in Chicago at the end of the week, so I'm planning to head southwest to spend a month in AZ/NM and SoCal. Will you guys be in NM early next week at all?


  2. We use Skype for calls but I never thought of video chats. My laptop has a built in webcam that I've never used so maybe it's time. Thanks for the heads up.

    No, we won't be in NM. We are driving directly to southern Texas and should be in that area a month or more before going to Florida for the View/Navion rally. Are you going to it too?



  3. Since I just spent 6 weeks in Florida in Nov, I probably won't go down to Grayton Beach, but then again, if I start going stir-crazy by then and there happens to be a last-minute cancellation, I might just decide to come down last-minute!

    Enjoy South Texas, and can't wait to start hearing about your European adventure!



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