The Sun Is Out

and Steve is back at work! It’s supposed to be 71 today, quite a difference from what we have had all week.  Maybe it’s also time to get rid of this cold looking blog template so we don’t jinx ourselves again. 
The battery straps became corroded and Steve took them off last week when he was cleaning the batteries.  We went numerous places looking for straps to fit and none were available.  Finally Steve found battery trays at a marine store a block away.  After he gets those in he is going to start the wiring for a new never-opened-the-box-macerator, that our angel near Houston is giving to us.
And time for me to quit stalling and do the paperwork for a Schengen visa.
Eleven more nights here and we can’t wait to get going. Time will go faster then because we have  Places To Go, People To See, and Things To Do!!