Cozy for the Night

The RV park we chose in Savannah was right on a busy highway and Passport America customers are given sites that are just feet away from the traffic.  (Passport America members receive a 50% discount at participating parks). We decided against that park and started driving to another one when we passed by a Cracker Barrel with a big RV lot in the back.  It’s in a nice location with many new hotels in the neighborhood.  It seems to be quiet and there are now at least 6 other RV’s in the lot with us.  We will eat breakfast here in the morning as a way of thanking them for their policy of allowing RV’s to overnight in their parking lots.

Tomorrow we hope to get lucky at the visitors center in Savannah.  I read that they allow up to 48 hours of RV parking for $12.  This would be great because they are in the heart of the historic district and we could then have two days in town.   We have a nice rain on the roof, temperatures are perfect, and all is well.  And the best part about today is that my daughter’s boyfriend, of over 4 years, returns to her this evening from Iraq.