At Sea

Internet on board is 65 cents per minute or a bit less with the purchase of a package.  Three days ago we bought one hour for $35 but haven’t been able to get online yet.  The first time I tried to get on the service desk said I had to disable the firewall.  Done.  When I still couldn’t get on the service desk told me to enable popup blockers.  Done.  Next go around I was told to disable toolbars.  Done.  Fourth try:  Get a new IP address.  Done.  On the fifth contact with the service desk when they couldn’t tell me anything else to do, I was informed they don’t have enough IP addresses for all the people trying to get on and just to keep trying.  I did write another post with pictures from Miami and the Bahamas but will have to wait to upload it until after the cruise.

We are enjoying ourselves and trying not to spend too much money.  We booked shore excursions for three of our stops next week and so that’s our big splurge for this trip. The food is  out of this world with dishes from all over this world.  I’m in heaven having brie cheese at every single meal and we are only eating in the buffet restaurant.  We have to enjoy these treats while we can because I doubt we’ll eat out much once in Europe.

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