Germany Bound

We had planned to go to the tulip gardens in Keukenhof today but I am sicker than ever.   Every thing hurts; my throat, my chest, my right ear, even my skin.  Since we have to be in Germany for a birthday party noon Saturday, we decided to go slow and head in that direction.  Tonight we are in a parking lot in Zutphen, Holland.  It’s quiet and in a nice neighborhood.  No open Wi-Fi though.  We see more McDonalds along the road than in the US.  Supposedly they all have free Wi-Fi and maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like going inside one. 
We bought diesel today and are shell-shocked.  It cost $134.74 for 16.7 gallons. 
Every few hours we discover more missing items and it gets us angry all over again.  Hindsight tells us we should have only brought what fit under the bed (top was screwed down), ditto on the furnace compartment, and then all the outside compartments.  I’ve written an email, yet to be sent, to our K-lines rep in Zeebrugge asking her to forward it to the manager of the port.  It’s really fishy that they have cameras that see everywhere but then park the RV’s next to a building wedged in between the bus and some big boats.

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