A Walk in the Woods

Regine’s son, Thorben, is a survivalist trainer and today he took us to a forest where he has been allowed to set aside space for himself and build a shelter.  He showed us different plants and leaves that are edible and how he built a shelter from just the debris that is available on the ground.   There were quite a few other people walking in the woods today, plus many horse riders. 
DSC_1383 From left to right we have Rikka a geologist getting ready to return to Tibet, her dog Digger, her brother Thorben, and their  mother Regine.  Next is Lizzi and Stephen who took a ferry down from England to visit Regine.  They used to live in this area and became friends with Regine 22 years ago.  Stephen repairs the helicopters that get damaged in Afghanistan and has a rare sports car called a TVR.  Between our RV and their TVR,  Regine is totally confused and calls Tulip a VR.  Then on the far right is Steve, who now is sick with a cold.


 Thorben has been showing us how to start fires without matches.  He and sister Rikka are so close.

Stephen and Lizzy’s rare TVR car.  There were very few made.

After our three hour walk we stopped at an outdoor restaurant near the parking area in the woods.  Places like this are very common in Germany in that they are in areas in the woods where people are biking and walking and then when people are done they get a snack or meal and something to drink.
Rikka and Regine. 

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