Going South

For a few days anyway.  The weather forecast this morning dictated that we go further south for a while as it will be below freezing tomorrow and the next night.  What little we have seen of northern Germany is very enticing but we are too far north too early.  Even Steve is in awe over the beautiful countryside and the very perfect red brick villages.
Minden has a field big enough for 100 campers on the Weser River.  There is a foot bridge from the camping area over the river, through a park,  and into the heart of the pretty city.  The small city has a big cathedral with a crucifix from the 11th century.  We decided not to stay the night though as a circus was either going to set up or leave from this camping area.  We counted at least five big 5th wheels that the circus workers were living in.  Today was the first day since we have been in Europe that the skies were truly clear and blue.  Unfortunately they are normally hazy with pollution. 
Steve wants to see the Rhine River and so we are going in that general direction.  There may or may not be detours along the way.

This was just the back of the cathedral.  The side was very long and there was construction at the front so I couldn’t get a good photo.

5/2:  Last night we ended up staying in an RV dealership parking area where there was water and a dump for 1/2 EU each.  This morning we went into the camping store and bought chairs to replace the stolen ones.  We bought the very least expensive chairs in the store and they were still $50 each. Ouch!  Well now we have replaced everything that is necessary so the pain is over. 
Today’s drive was fantastic.  We took the smallest roads we could find through hills and forests and pretty countryside.  We’re now in Frankenberg.  Driving has been pretty easy – there’s not much traffic anywhere and even though the German drivers are a little aggressive, they don’t drive stupid.


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