Marburg, GE

The Stellplatz here (7 EU) is not quite as close in as we prefer but still doable.  We found a short cut over the river via a footbridge so it only took 15 minutes to get to the Altstadt (old city).  Marburg is a medieval university town of half timbered houses clustered around the Landgraves castle high above the Lahn River. There’s also an impressive cathedral in the city.  Pretty soon we will have seen so many cathedrals that they will become blasé.  We made it half way up the hill (mostly steps) to the castle and I petered out.  Steve and I keep giving each other this nasty cold and it’s affected my wind. It’s in the high 40’s today.



There was a Vodafone shop in town advertising internet with coverage in 30 countries.  The salesman said it’s really only cost effective if you live in Germany and need it very occasionally out of country because the roaming charge can go as high as 20 EU for one minute of internet.  He said the best way to go is just to buy the USB stick in every country and pay the in country rates.  I think we would have to stay in one country at least a month to make it worthwhile.  The Vodafone USB stick costs 40 EU.  We’re doing okay with McDonald’s but I see now that we should have bought a SIM chip for our phone so that we wouldn’t have to ask the manager each time to log us in.  The way their internet works is you input your phone number and click to get a PIN.  The phone immediately rings with a text message providing a PIN that is good for one hour. 

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  1. Hi, you 2 globetrotters – do you say so in the US as well? – We just got back from Weimar in Thueringen/East Germany, and you must promise that on the way back to us beginning of July you MUST go there, it is SO beautiful, just like Erfurt, too! (And many other mideval towns in that area, I suppose, but we haven't had enough time to see them all.)
    A very gorgeous place, if you like nature, gardens, parks, and very special are the “Woerlitzer Gaerten” near Dessau, and DO take a boat ride there (they'll row you) and ask for a guy who speaks English to explain the park to you. In fact, in June they have music festivals on weekends …. – Steve ok again?
    Everybody here says hello and have a good trip on!


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