Reader Lynne asked some good questions about our overnight places and that gives me something to write about. 
Stellplatz (Germany), Aires (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal), and Aree di Sosta (Italy) are parking areas set aside specifically for campers.  They run the gambit from being just a small asphalt parking lot with no services to being a huge grassy area on a river or lake.  So far most of the ones we have stayed at are owned by the city or town. We have books for all the countries that tell us where these camping spots are with the particulars and often a picture.  Generally, it’s similar to boon docking in the US where you don’t put out chairs and awnings.  The Mosel River area was an exception in that awnings and chairs were out and there was no limit on length of stay.  Prices range from free to generally 6 or 7 EU  (about $10).  Usually there’s no office or attendant; just a machine with instructions in several languages where you pay and then display the ticket in your window. 
Last night we paid 12 EU (about $17) and that was a mistake because it was the first place that was really noisy.  It was also the first time we have had electricity included and also water at the site. Internet was included too.  About half the time there are central electric posts to plug into that you pay extra each day for but our solar panels have been sufficient for our needs.  Normally there is a dump and water station.  Often the water costs 1 EU for 100 liters, especially if the Stellplatz was free for the night.  European RV’s use a cassette toilet that the men (always) roll to the dump.  Occasionally the dump is in a raised platform which we can’t use but it’s really not a problem because there are so many Stellplatz and Aires everywhere.
Tonight, we are staying at a free Aires in Luxembourg that even has electricity, water, and dump included at no cost.


  1. Wow! I so want to bring my View to Europe now (as if the scenery and fresh bakeries were not enough of a reason!). Thanks for the info Evelyn!


  2. Feel free to ask all the questions you want because I enjoy answering them. Sometimes it's hard to gauge what information people would like to see. When I first started reading blogs, I wanted all the nuts and bolts possible.


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