The Good, The Bad, and The Pecan Pie


The Good:  We have been corresponding with Rick and Kathy Howe for a few years now and have met several times when our paths were crossing.  This was another of those times as they are going east across southern France and we are traveling west.   So now we are parked and visiting with each other in the small town of Comps near the river Gard for a couple of days.  As you can see by the map on the side of their motor home, they have been to some far flung places in their Tiger.  The link to their website is on our home page.


See this picture?  A little farther down this street in  Comps it gets narrower and cars are parked one after another along the right side.  See how there’s no room to move to the left?




The Bad:  The squeeze on this street was so tight that our left wheels were scraping the curb and so it happened that we side swiped this man’s mirror and put a few scrapes on Tulip.  We drove on to the Aires not far away and then Steve walked back to the car to check the damage and see if he could find the owner which he couldn’t.  This morning we saw his car drive into the Aires and so Steve went out with his French dictionary, admitted guilt, and asked how much he wanted for his mirror.  100 Euro’s.  The man was quite nice and from what Steve could figure out, very appreciative that Steve owned up to the accident and reimbursed him. 


DSC_1943      These are the kinds of roads we drove for a while on the way to Comps.  When people in Europe talk about the types of roads they refer to them as green (major 4 lane highways), red (usually two lane national roads), yellow (narrower 2 lane department roads with no shoulder) and white which are very narrow country type lanes.  The two pictures are of white roads.   






The Pecan Pie:  We all shared in preparing a wonderful evening meal and Kathy made my all time favorite pie.  It was a relaxing two days of little walks into town and much good conversation.