St. Malo and Mont St. Michel

St. Malo has a nice setup for campers.  There’s a very large parking area just for motor homes in town and a free bus comes about every 30 minutes to take campers into the center of town and also for the return trips back to the camper parking lot.  There are no intermediate stops and so the bus is just for campers.
St. Malo is a major ferry port for England and the Jersey Islands.
After St. Malo we made a quick trip to Dinan.  The Aires is right under a huge viaduct (not the bridge in the picture) but the parking spots were so close together that we left again.  But you should see how we are parked right at this moment.  I swear, I want to take a measuring tape outside and I would bet there is not even 12 inches from our RV to the guy who pulled in next to us.  Of course, there is no way to put the slide out. 
Steve and I went to Mont St. Michel in 1996 and so had already seen it in depth.  But we were close enough we thought we’d go again since I didn’t bring a camera on the previous trip.  What a difference 15 years makes.  The parking lot is about 10 times the size of what you see above and very full.  They wanted 12 Euro’s (about $17.50) for camper parking so we turned around and left.  Five miles away was a Carrefour supermarket advertising free RV parking in a huge quiet back lot, plus they had a dump, water, Laundromat, and cheap diesel fuel.  No contest. 
The Tour de France was coming through this morning and the road out of town was going to be closed from 10-1 so we got up early and left.  We’ve been seeing signs in many places warning of road closures for the race.