Calais to Dunkirk

Calais is a great place for shopping because of all the ferry traffic coming and going.  There is a big combination supermarket/department store called Auchan and it’s a good thing we don’t know what most of the foods are because we would have gone on a wild buying spree.  I would bet there were over 100 different kinds of sausage and several hundred kinds of cheese available.  They had every fruit and vegetable imaginable.  France has the best green beans – we eat them constantly because they are so tender and never stringy.  It’s a mystery how the French stay slender.  Well actually, I think I know one of the reasons.  Portions are very tiny.  Some of the yogurt containers aren’t much bigger than a thimble.



Now we are parked a about 300 feet from the beach in Dunkirk in a park like area.  There’s a wide boardwalk that runs along the beach for about 2 miles clear to the port.  
There are so many custom designed motor homes in Europe.  Many appear rough and tough as if they travel all over Africa or Siberia. 

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