It was odd how the clouds formed a line along the coast just as we headed out over the Atlantic.   Although it was a long trip (19 hours) the three separate flights were smooth and on time.  We arrived at my mother’s house night before last at 10:30 pm.  Naturally, she had a refrigerator full of food for us including homemade enchiladas for Steve who has been missing Mexican food very much. Yesterday we were up early to rent a moving truck and would you believe that just 16 hours after arriving in Colorado Springs we were all moved into our house?  My brother and a friend did the heavy lifting and got all the furniture placed.  Now we will be unpacking boxes for a few weeks at least.  We had so much energy yesterday but today we are both hobbling around with sore backs and legs.
Tulip is scheduled to leave Belgium tomorrow and is due in Halifax the 16th.  Our information from Halifax states we can’t pick the RV up until 24 hours until after the vessel leaves the port.