Steve is taking an overnight flight to Halifax and should arrive there at 11:30 am tomorrow.  Then he will go to Wallenius Lines office downtown to pay the port charges of Cdn $348.  After that it’s the customs office and then a $40 taxi ride to the port.  Hopefully he can get all this done before the end of the business day tomorrow otherwise he’ll be looking for a hotel room.  I’m sure he is going to be exhausted and will be looking for a place to sleep right away.  He has a couple of hours of work on Tulip before he wants to start driving anyway.  Chores like putting the spare tire and bike on the back, unloading everything from some of the hiding places that make driving not wise considering where things are, turning on propane, hooking up the coach batteries, and putting the license plates back on. Then he has a 1700+ mile  drive to visit family in Wisconsin and after that more family in Kansas. 
Steve plans to call tomorrow after he picks up Tulip to tell me how everything went and if anything has been stolen or vandalized.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I will post here tomorrow and let you know what I hear.