Chairway To Heaven

The event that got us us out of bed early Sunday morning was the Manitou Chair Project.  Several organizers including the Manitou Business Art Center arranged to have citizens of our town donate the use of 1000 chairs to be lined up the center of Manitou Avenue for over 1/2 mile. 


 No vehicles or people were allowed on the avenue from 7:00-8:30 am except for official photographers and videographers.  They should have gotten great pictures of a very white Pikes Peak in the background early on.  By 7:30 it had disappeared behind clouds.

 Every single side street was blocked well back from the avenue.  I really wanted to get at least one picture of the chairs before the public was allowed on the street.  So we walked down the hill to this alley that runs along the creek between our street and Manitou Avenue.

 We followed the creek to just beyond the barricades on Manitou Ave and then crossed over behind the photographers.

 Then we walked one block uphill and passed this church which has wonderful bells that can be heard throughout town.  The white line going up the mountain is where the old Manitou Incline used to be.  Now fitness enthusiasts hike or run up to the top here.
Now look again at the very first picture at the top.  This was taken from the town’s only hair salon which has high wild flowers by their front door.  I went behind the flowers and took the picture plus a few more.
At 8:30 an opera singer began singing and that was the cue that the public could go out on the street.  Many had been waiting in the coffee shops and restaurants.  Since I took too many pictures to post here I decided to make a little video.  I had promised this post to be up yesterday but our Verizon internet wouldn’t stay connected long enough for the video to upload to YouTube.  Be sure to have your sound turned on.

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