Indio, California

Yesterday we drove north along the Salton Sea to Indio.  We should have driven the highway that’s on the west side of the sea so that I could have gotten some pictures without the glare of the afternoon sun.  It was in my mind that the Salton Sea was a dry lake bed so it was a surprise to see miles and miles of water even though the lake is pretty shallow. 


This afternoon we went to Shield’s Date Garden in Indio for Steve to try their famous Date Milkshake.  We didn’t buy anything else although it was tempting to load up on dates.  There is no comparison to the dried out ones we get in the supermarkets.  The owners are making a big garden area in the back with a large pond with fountains in it.  It looks like it will all be done in just a few months and I bet it will be beautiful.

Today was mostly spent cleaning the inside of the RV.  I had Steve take off the grill that is all around the microwave so I could clean it good in the sink since it captures a lot of cooking oils.  We got propane at a travel center and while there a man walked up to us talking very fast saying he was a Marine at 29 Palms and he had just had a flat which took all his money and he needed just 3 gallons of gas to get back to the base.  He had short hair like a Marine but his physique was lacking so I said sure we could help him if he would show me his ID card.  He said he had to get it out of his car. I followed him over to his car  and then he got in his car and drove  off.