San Elijo State Beach Park on coast highway 101 doesn’t allow check-in until 2 pm so we are in a city parking lot overlooking the ocean until then.  We are going to splurge and get a full hookup site to see if we can get the batteries fully charged as they have only been charging to half full this trip.  I also want to make a vegetarian dish called Rice Cakes with Mushroom Walnut Ragout that requires use of the convection oven.  The patch of blue sky above only lasted 5 or 10 minutes but I’ll take ocean air any way I can get it.  It rained off and on all night and today it is just blustery.  It finally feels like a vacation!

Encinitas is the first town we have been in on the coast and we sure like it.  There are little overlook parks every 2 or 3 streets that dead end on the ocean.  It’s odd that this coastal highway has less traffic than anywhere in the whole area and there is plenty of parking.  It’s really, really nice.  So nice that Steve might go job hunting around here.


There appears to be tolerance for RV’s of all types because we see quite a few like this one parked in the area.  I wonder where they spend the night.

We had planned to go to the Safari Zoo this morning and now I’m glad we didn’t since our new plan is to check out some of the state parks along the coast.  In checking the internet I could never figure out what the entrance fee at the zoo was since many of the tickets advertised are combination and multi-day tickets.  So we drove there to find out but the minute we drove in the entrance we were in a line to enter the parking lot which charged $15 for an RV.  That was perturbing since we figured the tickets were probably pretty expensive.  We told the gate keeper we wanted back out and she gave us a special ticket to go in and exit right away.

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