Leaving The Coast

As you can tell, I haven’t written a post on the last mission we visited, San Juan Capistrano.   Pictures have been culled down to 12 so that is progress.  Here is one for now:


                                    The ceiling of the little chapel

This morning we are driving towards Quartzsite and don’t know if we’ll arrive there today or in the morning since we have to get groceries and maybe wash the View.  There are 40 other Views and Navions signed up for the rally and I’m sure all will be shining.  We are not looking too good right now.

And Steve did apply for a job in San Diego county.  It is a 6 week temporary job but pays very well.  When Steve talked to one of the managers he found out the company is moving to Colorado Springs (which is right next to our town of Manitou Springs) in June.  After looking at property taxes in this area we are not so enthused anymore.  I like to be able to have control over our outgo by cutting back on utility usage, higher deductible on insurance, bargain shopping for food etc., but property tax is one expense that you can’t do much about.  I thought ours was high in Manitou Springs but California is double that.. 


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