Quartzsite, Arizona


It looks like we are driving towards a very large town but it’s an illusion.  Those are all motor homes in the distance.  Quartzsite has a normal population of 4-5,000 but some estimates say there are one million visitors in the winter.  There are motor homes parked for miles and miles and miles.  Why?  It’s warm, camping is pretty much free, and there is much going on.  Mineral and gem shows, arts and crafts fairs, flea markets, and a huge 10 acre tent of anything you can think of to buy for a motor home.  We were fortunate and finally found a replacement for the shower wall attachment that was stolen when Tulip was shipped to Europe last spring.


We parked next to friend Lynne and her dog Millie.  You can see there are already several Winnebago Views and Navions here for the rally.


Lynne took us for a ride in her yellow Tracker onto a rough gravel road.  We are  interested in buying one because it is one of the few vehicles that is light enough to be towed behind Tulip.  It is also 4 wheel drive which will help with the Colorado snow and allow us to take some of the scenic 4 wheel drive trails in the mountains.  If you want to see some awesome scenery from these very altitude trails, check out some of Lynne’s blog posts from this past summer.

And we changed our minds once again.  Neither of us was very enthused about going to Puerto Penasco which is close to the US because we know what it’s like much further south in Mexico.  In other words, if you love Coca Cola and the restaurant only has Pepsi we would rather drink water (i.e. don’t waste our money, go home, and plan for next winter). 

We stopped once more in Algodones to pick up a few things and also I decided to get full highlights.  There are several hairdresser shops around town and I chose one at random.  I had a haircut, highlights, and style for $25 total.  And the stylist did a first class job. Every single hair was cut to perfection.   In fact, two American women walked in just as I was being finished and said they wanted their hair done exactly like mine!  I love Mexico!!!!


  1. Great blog! Congrats on getting on hitchit. May I ask how exactly you did that? I assumed you emailed them and they responded by telling you that you've been included? How long did that process take?

    I emailed them twice in the past month about my blog but never received a response


  2. Don, I didn't do anything to get on hitchitch. In fact, I never had even heard of them. A few weeks ago I noticed my blog hits jumped way up one day and tracked it down to their site. So I don't know how it happened. Good luck to getting yours on one day. What is the name of your blog? Thank's for visiting my site and for the compliment. Evelyn


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