Drank My Lunch


This past week I have been undoing the affects of being in the RV for four weeks and eating at the casino buffets.   I have a friend, Tessa, who has been sending me emails almost every day for 5 months with vegan recipes, links to articles, raw food websites, juicing, you name it.  I sort of dabbled in trying the raw food but thought it was too hard. Actually I was skeptical of a lot of what she was telling me.  A couple of weeks ago she sent me a link to the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary which is at http://www.hulu.com/watch/289122/fat-sick-and-nearly-dead  I watched it the day after we returned home and it had an impact.

So when I ordered a juicer Tessa was so thrilled that she ordered me some books from Amazon.  They are:  Eat To Live by Dr. Fuhrman, The China Study, and The Mad Cowboy.  These books arrived 3 days ago and I couldn’t put Eat To Live down.  I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but that book was a huge eye opener.  Did you know broccoli has more protein than steak?

DSC_3413.I juiced the red cabbage first to see the pretty color.  The vegetables made a full pitcher but  just one glass fills me up for hours.  The Eat To Live book advocates eating all the vegetables and fruit you want and a little bit of nuts or seeds for 6 weeks and after that it’s less restrictive.  No calorie counting and not actually having to follow recipes appeals to me.  The list of health benefits through eating this way is phenomenal.  The one that interests me the most is respiratory allergies.  Also I think eating this way will be very easy when we go traveling in the RV again. 

Just four weeks off my exercises and I had to start all over with hurting and having less energy but now it’s going good again.  I have lost 4.7 pounds in 7 days and feel great.

I know this sounds like a commercial but it’s not.