Manitou Lake

You would think Manitou Lake would be in or near our town of Manitou Springs but it’s about 22 miles away north of Woodland Park.  We used to ride our bikes there when we lived in Woodland Park and also take walks around the lake, which to my mind is more of an oversized pond.  So here are a few pictures of our outing two days ago.


The drive from Manitou Springs to Woodland Park is 14 miles but the elevation climb is 2,000 feet.  Woodland Park is known as the “City Above The Clouds” and it looks like they might be in the clouds today.


As it turned out Woodland Park had blue skies and the clouds were farther northwest. 


It’s about 7 miles from ‘Woodland Park to Manitou Lake and some of the drive is through Pike National Forest.  There are several national forest campgrounds along this road and we actually saw a few campers in them.  Woodland Park is normally 8-10 degrees colder than Manitou Springs.


Manitou Lake is frozen over and people have made snowmen out in the middle.  And something new since we were here last  – there is now a $6 day use fee to drive into the parking lot.  Colorado charges for everything!  It’s not like this lake is some big tourist attraction to warrant the fee.


This sign was posted at the entrance to the lake.  Fee or no fee – this was enough to make us turn around and leave.  Even though mountains lions kill very few people they are my biggest fear.  One killed a young golden retriever I and my daughter used to have.

DSC_3449 Driving back towards Woodland Park where they have the best views of Pikes Peak in the region.


We checked out our old house that Steve and I bought together in Woodland Park after we got married.  It borders Pike National Forest so we had our own forest to the side.  I’m glad we don’t have this big (5 br, 4 ba) house to heat now since utilities have probably tripled in the past 10 years.


I took this picture out of a window when we lived in that house.  We found out that our property was a large herd of elk’s grazing grounds.  They are much more skittish than deer because they could even hear us in the house if went to a window to look at them.


The clouds have followed us back to Manitou Springs.  This is the opposite side of Pikes Peak from the earlier picture in this post.


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