In Mexico Again

Yesterday we drove the two lane Ajo highway south out of Tucson.  It is a fairly remote road with little traffic but plenty of border patrol vehicles.   Wild flowers were blooming in many places along the road and it was just beautiful.


Because I took these pictures with my cheaper camera and from inside a speeding Tulip, they have all been enhanced quite a bit and had the sky replaced in some because it was high noon.


There is an Indian reservation along this highway and these fellows were walking a long way from any settlements.



We stopped in Ajo to purchase the Mexican vehicle insurance from Sanborns.  Not buying it off the internet was a mistake.  For instance, 30 days insurance from their internet site is $100 but going into the office cost $187.  Not that we bought 30 days – that is just an example.  We purchased for just the day in and day out since we knew we would be sitting in a campground the whole time.  Also, we don’t know if we will stay one week or one month.

We crossed the border easily enough although I had a moment of panic when the U.S. border agent asked if we had any guns (no), ammunition (no), magazines??  Oh no, I have brought my backlog of Newsweek and Time magazines to read.  Why are those forbidden?  Turns out magazine is another word for ammunition clips or something like that.

I won’t complain about being parked across from some spring breakers – even after asking the office if any where here and told “oh no, college students can’t afford this RV park”.  I won’t even complain about how another trailer load of students rolled in after we were asleep and parked next to the other group and had an almost all night competition to see who could have their bass music the loudest.  Nor will I complain about them unloading a trailer of dune buggies about midnight in front of our RV making all the prerequisite racket to do so.  Nor about them racing around the RV park at first light with the dune buggies.  We moved to another site this morning that should be much quieter.  And besides that it’s warm and sunny in here in Puerto Penasco.  Now we are going out with friend Joy to see what the town looks like.


  1. Glad you arrived safely. Those wildflowers in the Ajo Highway look great! I might need to go take a closer look! Have a fun time…and hopefully you won't find Steve sneaking off to go hoopin' and hollerin' with the Spring-Breakers!


  2. It's great to be back even if it is Mexico-Lite. Croft, I know you will have a safe drive back through Mexico, if not a bit worrisome. I doubt those highway robbers will strike again so soon.


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