Escalante Grand Staircase, Utah

We continued on Scenic Byway 12 to Escalante Grand Staircase after leaving Bryce National Park. The  rock formations, colors, and scenery in this area are spectacular.  I don’t want to repeat information already available on the internet about Escalante so if you are interested you can read about it here:

One of the things I have wanted to do for years was make the 6 mile round trip hike to Calf Creek Falls. You can see quite a few pictures of these falls by looking on Google images.  That is where the picture below was found.  I wished I could say I saw the falls and took this picture but we were in a hurry to get home so that Steve could go to Kansas.

There is a campground at Calf Creek Falls Recreation area that we originally planned to stay in to do the hike but as it is, all we did was look down on the canyon from the side of the highway.




This picture was taken a little farther down the highway.  There are four wheel drive trails at Escalante and now that we have the perfect tow vehicle I hope we can go back.   


Boulder was isolated for many years and was the last incorporated town in the US to receive it’s mail by mule train.  Snow and mud closed the Boulder mountain road 6 months of every year but it was finally paved in 1985 allowing vehicles to traverse the pass year round.


                              View from the top of Boulder mountain.


  1. That view from the top of Boulder Mountain is a heartsong view for me, moves my soul. So nice to see it again through you. We have passed that way many times and still haven't made it to Calf Creek Falls! The campground always seems to be pretty full as well.


  2. We have driven back to Colorado so many, many times from the southwest and never knew such a beautiful route existed. It will make the drive so much more interesting in the future.


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