If Your Slide-Out Gets Stuck

A reader asked me to write a post on trouble shooting a stuck slide.  Ours got stuck in the out position while at Bryce National Park about a month ago.  Our slide has malfunctioned twice – the first time it was a broken shear pin and this last time a broken shaft.  Steve carries a “just in case” supply of spare shear pins which he obtained from Barker Company in Battle Creek Michigan. Their phone number is (269) 965-2371.  He also ordered the drive shaft assembly (about $12) from Barker.
These instructions only address getting your slide back in so you can drive the motor home and not how to replace the shear pin or repair the shaft.  Also, these instructions only pertain to the two problems we have had on a 2006 Winnebago View and what Steve did to get the slide to go back in until he repaired the actual problem.
First take out the screws (there are 11 in the 2006 Winnebago View) and remove this panel from the slide.
This picture shows the brake that is on the motor in the locked position.
                                 Lift the lever to disengage the brake.
Use a ratchet wrench with a 7/16” socket on the motor’s gear shaft to manually crank the slide in.  If the shear pin or shaft is broken this procedure will NOT move the slide.
In that case, use a 3/4” open end wrench on the square rod that runs from one side of the slide to the other, and manually turn in an upwards direction to crank the slide in. If there is any resistance, stop turning because it means that there is something else broken besides the shaft or the shear pin.
Until Steve repaired the slide (which he did yesterday), put a tension rod inside the motorhome’s slide (one at each end) to prevent it from accidentally sliding out.
If you believe you have a broken shaft or shear pin and wish to make the repair yourself, feel free to email Steve at www.evesteve@gmail.com and he will gladly advise you.

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