Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

In March we drove back from Mexico and through Utah rather quickly so that Steve could go to Kansas after his mother broke her hip, which is healing nicely.  It turned out not to be as serious as Steve thought.because she was up and walking the day after surgery. 

I haven’t posted pictures of the remainder of our drive home and shall show you a few today.  Actually,  I got the idea last night because I was deleting most of the pictures due to the sky having that bright, white, flat cloud cover.  Normally I won’t  take pictures if the lighting is horrible but the visit to Capitol Reef National Park probably won’t happen again so I took a few anyway and played around with my photo editing software.


The rock formations along scenic highway 12 change every few miles and sometimes very quickly and dramatically. 


Approaching Capitol Reef National Park.  Whereas, Zion and Bryce had their share of tourists, Capitol Reef was close to deserted.  There is no entrance fee to see this park.






Prior to leaving the park we took a short hike but otherwise didn’t stay long before we made tracks going north.




  Poor cows have little to eat in this very desolate area.


Upon our approach to this hill it at first looked like a huge mound of mine tailings.

Further news:  We are making our excursion to some beautiful waterfalls early next week unless something comes up.  I’ve been exercising everyday so that I won’t embarrass myself by not being able to make the one mile steep hike.

I’m still not eating meat, dairy, or egg products.  However, I will cheat with shrimp occasionally as we still have some left from Mexico.  I also might eat some salmon now and then.  Last week I cut out oil, margarine, and refined sugar because my weight loss has been at a 10 pound standstill.