Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Anyone who has driven through Colorado on I-70 has probably seen the world’s largest natural hot springs swimming pool.  The thermal pool is warm enough to swim in throughout the year and until 10 at night.  The parking lot has an RV area but not for overnighting.
If someone had just a week off for a vacation, Glenwood Springs would be ideal with no car needed.  Just fly to Denver and then take the train for a very scenic 150 mile journey through the mountains and Glenwood Canyon.
The train station is directly across the Colorado River from the swimming pool.
There is a pedestrian bridge next to the hot springs that goes over the river.  The train station is on the left and a great city type downtown is straight ahead.  The Roaring Fork River from Aspen joins the Colorado River nearby.  And speaking of Aspen, there are busses to take you the 40 miles there.
Historic Hotel Colorado is across the street from the pools and there are more motels/hotels on 6th Street just to the left of this hotel.
There’s a level bicycle ride (or walk) on a paved trail beside the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon that goes the 7 or 8 miles to Hanging Lake.  Bikes can be rented in town and I noticed a bike rack at the base of the Hanging Lake trail.


Soft, soft grass between the pool and hotel that Molly did not want to leave.

Thirteen mile long Glenwood Canyon is such a pretty drive.  There are a couple of very nice rest areas in the canyon. 
Campgrounds in this area are overpriced and do not get very good reviews.  Unfortunately, the national forest campgrounds don’t open until May 25th and the recreation area campground that we planned to stay at in Gypsum is no longer there.  Although several websites state that Wal-Mart in Glenwood doesn’t allow overnight parking, we saw at least 5 RV’s overnighting in the very small parking lot on a busy and noisy highway.  Lowes gave us permission for one night.


  1. We drove through the area when we made the move from Utah to DC in 1991; unfortunately, we were we had to be in DC by a specific date so had no time to dally. Looking forward to more leisurely explorations as we eventually make our way back west.


  2. I've corrected the post and thank you for letting me know. We passed by the Eagle River as we went through Minturn on our way up the Tennessee Pass.


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