Tincup Pass, Colorado

It was time to see how our Chevy Tracker would do on a four wheel drive trail and so we headed to the Mt. Princeton area in central Colorado.  We picked up the road to Tincup Pass in the old ghost town of St. Elmo.

The road goes through some nice aspen groves.
View looking west from the top of the 12,000+ foot pass
               Immediately after the top of the pass the road became decidedly more rugged. 

I got out to guide Steve around the bigger rocks which actually were larger than this picture shows.  Sometimes we had no choice but to crawl over rocks and a few times the bottom of our Tracker got scraped.   This rocky part of the road lasted five miles and we only encountered ATV vehicles who seemed surprised to see us.  A couple of them took our Tracker’s picture!
Once we got to the opposite side of Mirror Lake the road improved 100%.   Actually, Tincup pass is not all that steep or winding and if it weren’t for the five mile stretch of rocks, it would have been an easy drive.  The Tracker did amazingly well considering it has 2 ply tires that are for ice which we shouldn’t even be driving on in the summer.  We tried to buy more aggressive 4 ply tires but found out that none are made for our wheel size so our plans are to check into getting bigger wheels before attempting another outing such as this.

The little town of Tincup
This one minute video of a rough and tough global expedition type RV, called an Earthroamer, on Tincup Pass will give you an even better idea of the condition of the road.